We're going GREEN!

George John Boutique Salon is so proud to partner with GREEN CIRCLE SALONS! Find out how we will help to Recover and Recycle Up to 95% of Your Beauty Waste

Green Circle is comprised of a collection of salons that send everyday by-products like hair clippings, aluminum foils, color tubes, and applicators for innovative reuse and environmentally-friendly recycling.

A word from GREEN CIRCLE: Working together for change

To responsibly recycle and reclaim salon waste, we partner with over 40 like-minded companies across North America. That includes recycling facilities, chemical waste facilities, clean energy producers, bio-composite plastic producers, and more.

To confidently offer our members a Green Guarantee, and be certified as a Zero Waste to Landfill organization by Carbon Trust, we have thoroughly investigated all of our partners to ensure all the touchpoints of the waste journey are sustainably managed.

Earn LOYALTY REWARD POINTS: We will also be recycling your empty product containers. Return them to the salon for additional loyalty points that you can cash in for services, shampoo, conditioner, or any skincare & styling products in our facility.

Each visit you will notice a small fee of $1 dollar on your ticket. This one dollar contribution is directly forwarded to Green Circle so they can afford to execute all the amazing, planet-saving efforts to brighten our world. You can even use your loyalty rewards to cover your contribution. We can't think of a simpler, less expensive way to contribute to a better world for us all.

We are so excited

that you will be joining us on this journey!

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