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Leadership is profound. The importance of paving the way of our future designers is imperative. In a time where the government is seriously considering removing the mandatory schooling for cosmetology in many states, we must take the time to demonstrate all the knowledge required to make the salon experience an amazing one for all of our customers, clients, and friends.

Hair and Skin therapy are a ton of fun. Our team enjoys entering our facility every work morning for a day of laughter, socializing and above all creativity. It doesn't 'feel' like work.

This industry is one of the few where artistry, talent, and in-depth knowledge are truly required. There is the rub, a love of hair is not enough. At George John Boutique Salon we believe the knowledge of a basic haircut or the simple idea that covering grey is not enough. Our in-depth Associate program teaches our newer designers various techniques allowing for a wide range of looks from simplistic elegance to edgy non-symmetrical texture.

Our facilities education goes steps above the standard responsibilities of the age-old salon assistant. Our associates are hands-on from the get-go watching, learning, participating, and eventually re-creating all we demonstrate.

The required reading to graduate from our associate program is, putting it mildly, extensive. Far outside the realms of what was taught in cosmetology school. To ensure the information is syncing in and well comprehended our associates are regularly tested on all they are taught from both the behind the chair and the desk. We take pride in the knowledge of our team and the time we take to continually extend our knowledge.

Don't be hesitant; you can put your trust in our Associates working with our talented designers and our more recent Level1 Graduates. They might not have the speed or the demand of time of their senior designers but we assure their extensive knowledge is required before they graduate and earn their place behind the chair.

MEET OUR ASSOCIATES: Kennedy / Zailyn / Holli


From a young age I’ve had a strong admiration for any artist. For the ability to form any object into a beautiful work of art. I love being able to help my clients unleash their full potential, which fuels my passion for this career. I look forward to expanding my knowledge with-in this industry to help my clients feel beautiful inside as well as out. I am also very thrilled to be joining this very talented team here at George John Boutique Salon! I also look forward to meeting a wide variety of beautiful souls.


Creating looks is my passion. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to create art with every client. Its rewarding being able to make people feel good about themselves.


Growing up in a small town in North Carolina taught me so much about being myself.  For me to be able to give clients the confidence to be themselves is what fuels my passion for this industry. I look forward to learning and growing as a stylist and as a friend to every beautiful soul I encounter. 


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