Kelly Clarkson's NEWEST HIT!

The singing sensations' new syndicated show is a hit. It's no wonder with her southern charm and charismatic personality. Her new look isn't bad either. These searing, slightly warm blondes are all the rage for winter color trends to come. These iridescent golds are stunning and no one needs to fear these slightly warm tones.

Go for something new, something bold. Stand out this winter season and step away from the ever trending 'cool' blondes and go slightly warm. It's a look you won't regret.

Find out more about the amazing glosses we use to create these looks and how they are not hard on the hair. Stunning color & happy, healthy hair. It's our specialty.

BOOK ONLINE NOW and transform your look for the winter season.

Check out our version on one our Favoite clients Lavonne.

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