Falling Iguana's & Dry Skin..

What do these have in common one might ask.

The cooler days here in Florida can wreak some havoc. Not just on our wildlife leading to iguanas falling from trees, but our skin. Cool days can lead to dryer skin.

"Cold temperatures can affect the condition of your skin. Cold air, low humidity, and high winds outdoors strip your skin of much-needed moisture. ... These conditions cause your skin to lose its natural oils. This allows moisture to escape, leading to dry skin and potentially in harsh conditions a winter rash." Though winter rash might be a far stretch for us Floridian many of some fo our clients & friends do travel to harsher, colder climates several months of the year.

If you are experiencing Dryer skin we have great tips, tricks, treatments, and lotion and potions to return your skin to its youthful dewy complexion.

see our full list of SKIN THERAPY treatments

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