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As the malleability of gender continues to bend what once was considered sexy gets reimagined. Bolder choices are being made. The old dogma of fear is set aside as people are making statements with their hair. This month has only just begun and we have been transforming our guests with long braids, sharp pixies, and tousled French bobs. We are watching our guests step out of what they once considered their mold, making brash, fresh decisions in their new looks. As we transition our way back to normalcy we still cannot see the smiles that make personalities burst. Letting our hair be the medium that tells our stories is freeing people of 'the masks' confinement , bringing back our sassy, sexy strides. It's time for fresh new choices, new chapters, and a revised self-reflection.

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Once activated by heat, our revolutionary skincare technology, Long Chain Polymers bond together to extend the life of your BLOW.DRY through multiple washes.

which one's your new bestie?

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written by: George Pellegrino

content: George John Boutique Salon

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