Back to the Future...

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

The ’80s are back with a vengeance. The hair trends taking over Instagram are not hard to find. Lizzo sporting her silver scrunchie with top side pony brings the past to the present. If that wasn’t enough Louis Vuitton lastest fall fashions featured the heavy side part with over-t

he-eye bangs while previewing his 2019 collection on the runway. Even thick braids are hitting the red carpets and other Hollywood events.

I’ll confess I’m loving being channeled back to the 80’s ‘DeLorean’ style, but we now have an opportunity to be healthier and kinder to our hair this time around. Let’s re-live the looks with a little more care for our hair. Heavy hairsprays and hard holding gels were the base of these iconic looks in the past, but they were very drying, had heavy wear on hair color, and left thick product buildup on the cuticle. I’m with Lizzo and many others sporting these looks and bringing then back into the loop, but let’s ignore the ‘heavy’ sprays and go with healthier products that achieve the same looks.

Though the trends are undeniably inviting back the 80’s craze, some of the styles, in my opinion, should remain in the past. For those of us that lived through the ’80s craze the first time around let us leave a few for the moments for when we shift back through our photo albums lined with clear plastic pages with laughter over our poor choices wondering ‘what was I thinking?” Looks with oversized accessories like giant bows; chainmail hair and lime green high-lites do not need to be re-lived. Aside from these let the big, big curls, scrunchies, side pony’s, and feathering live again.

Lizzo sports a scrunchie.

Men's Feathers

Giant Accessories

Heavy Side Swept Bang

Kerry gets Jeweled

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