are you a 'TEASE'?

Get you mind out of the gutter. We are talking about hair 'teasing'. Give everyone a distraction from that mask with bigger, fuller hair. In a recent article, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's stylist gave some tips for making finer hair look fuller in this article by Erin Jahns. We especially love this excerpt that features our NEW Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER Dry Powder Finishing Spray.

Townsend say's that he's been loving hot rollers as a great way to style and lend more bounce and body to fine hair, and afterward, strategically back-combing your strands can be an amazing way to enhance the effect even more. "This is when the fun really kicks in," he begins.

"We are seeing a lot of volume right at the hairline and crown right now, which is my favorite silhouette pretty much of all time. After using the rollers to give your hair some lift, don't be afraid of back-combing. But, instead of using hairspray, (which can get sticky and matted), I use dry shampoo. I spray it at the root, and then tease, grab another section, spray, and then tease, etc. etc. The powders get in there and then literally build on top of each other which gives you longer-lasting volume and more natural-looking volume." That said, Townsend is obsessed with the above formula from Kevin Murphy (which Dakota Johnson actually turned him onto!) that's a powder-based hairspray, essentially giving you the best of both worlds.

see the full article by Erin Jahns in APPLE NEWS:

KM's POWDER.PUFF is also a GJBS volume making favorite.

An instant poof in a jar! Here’s the perfect littlePUFFto create the coveted messy, casual volume that everyone desires. Simply tap gently, apply a few shakes onto the hair and the powder morphs into a setting product with lasting hold. Builds body with ease, and is suitable for all hair types. The magic of our special little PUFF is all in the technology – imagine a hardworking volumising lotion, locked inside a sphere of powder – then imagine the sphere making contact with the hair – Va Va Voom, and the magic happens. The lotion lifts the hair, and the powder simultaneously dries the lotion, giving your hair some serious extra oomph.

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